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    URL not called in E5 device?

    I am working on moblile application. It is done almost. But the problem is I am calling a servlet by hitting a given URL and it calling successfull in NOKIA X2 physical device but when the same I am try in NOKIA E5 device then it would not call the URL and even does not show any exception. Also I have tried the same code on NOKIA E5 Remote device provided by NOKIA Forum and it runs successfully over there also too.

    So why it is not called in E5 physical device?

    Internet also available in device.

    Please advice what the wrong is being done.

    Thanks In advance.
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    Re: URL not called in E5 device?

    Remote devices are the physical devices itself it might just be the bug of your specific phone ,or might be there may be any setting about gprs need to be done.
    if it works on RDA then it must work on all devices

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    Re: URL not called in E5 device?


    Thanks for your response.

    Can you please guide me some of settings those willbe helpfull... as I check the internet setting and set the vodafoneLive as service point and I am able to open another web apps like 'www.google.com' etc.

    Thanks a lot..
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