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    bug with WRT + network

    I noticed a bug that happens on all WRT apps.

    Steps to reproduce it:
    - app must be a WRT widget
    - phone should not have a internet connection
    - internet connection should not be active and should not activate itself automatically

    - Start a widget that need a connection.
    - if the phone ask to search a wifi, you press OK
    - now the widget is online

    the bug:
    - Exit from your app
    - internet connection is still active and will never close!
    - You have to close the connection manually, even if you don't have any auto-connection on the phone.

    At beginning, I was thinking that this is a bug of my apps, but now I saw that with every widget, the connection never close if I leave the app.

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    Re: bug with WRT + network

    if you think it is a bug, then use the bug reporting channel to report it: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Support/T..._support.xhtml

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