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    Nokia AnalyzeTool

    To assist with the identification of memory leaks Nokia AnalyzeTool is available. By compiling Nokia AnalyzeTool with your software and then executing it in a S60 or Symbian emulator or on a device, you can collect data about memory allocation. Once a test is complete, you transfer and analyse the data on your PC. Where memory leaks or other memory issues occur, the data collected is usually able to tell you the code line that originated the error.
    Download Nokia AnalyzeTool »

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    Re: Nokia AnalyzeTool

    For my Project (middeam sized) project Qt Creator can't analize it. While Analizing it Crashes the Qt Creator. What might be the problem .. Also the output html is so big 50 + MB with very little data. Do anybody have some hints.

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    Re: Nokia AnalyzeTool

    The Nokia AnalyzeTool has been updated.

    The new version now provides a profiling feature that enables you to gather information on function performance and fine tune the performance of your Qt and Symbian C++ apps more effectively. In addition, to make it easier to examine the output from tests run by AnalyzeTool there is a new HTML format report that provides six convenient views into the results:
    * Overview.
    * Memory leaks.
    * Memory graph (not available when viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7).
    * Allocation statistics.
    * Function performance.
    * Errors (which is reported only when one or more errors occurred during the test run).

    It is also worth noting that support has been added for arm* targets, so that atool now supports any target that begins with arm*, not only armv5.

    You can download the latest version, along with release notes and an updated user guide from here.

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