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    Blocking app for "Bad Language"

    Last week I found the app wizard and sent that link to the owner of one of the most popular football(soccer) blog around, Arseblog, which is about the Arsenal football club. They already have an iPhone app and an android one, and also plan to make for few other platforms. Today the owner came back saying he tried to create the app, but was blocked due to "bad language". That is just hilarious. The language used in the blog is mostly for humour and even otherwise if this is bad language, normally the language of the football folks will give Nokia a shock. This is the most popular blog around and if the content is not offensive for other platforms or for web, does Nokia need a stricter level of filtering? In that case please take out all the fart apps you post in the Ovi Store, this is not as offensive. Not the way to increase your app count guys, I appreciate the fact that you are trying to filter unwanted content, but please understand the intended audience and the popularity of the content before judging this.

    If you want to check, please google arseblog and you will understand that its not really offensive.

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    Re: Blocking app for "Bad Language"

    The uploaders probably included all countries and it failed in the more consevative religious countries.


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    Re: Blocking app for "Bad Language"

    Hi there, simianwolverine

    After having read your post and your app being bounced, it might just be there has been an "autocheck" for the language.
    against some set of words. Still, I could imagine that there is actually someone checking the app that it leads to an appropriate site.

    This looks to me like something that should be checked for the current process in use.

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    Re: Blocking app for "Bad Language"

    Hi Simianwolverine,

    As Ron explained, this may just be a result of your app failing in countries with higher enforced religious or political censorship. It is beyond Nokia’s legal rights to publish such content to these countries and doing so may result in potential lawsuits.

    If you send me a private message and include the content item name and link, I can investigate the issue on my end. Conversely, please send a message to Nokia Publisher Support and they can handle this case as well.


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