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    Unhappy Task icon for packaged Flash lite application


    I created a flash lite game & packaged it with Forum Nokia online packager into sis,sisx. Installed it to a real device, everything works fine, but application icon in Task list (open applications list) is default flash icon. It displays correctly in Menu. Any solution to display the icon we created in the task list as well?


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    Re: Task icon for packaged Flash lite application


    the issue you have with the app icon is common for applications created in a manner on-line packager packs your flash file. (it is just a launcher for flash - so the icon shown in a task bar for your app is flash)

    There is another way to package a flash app - in a flash stub but it has some drawbacks (you can't control volume etc.) the whole procedure for doing so is explained here:

    There is one more step to take when you package you app like this - find the drive where your app is installed, and launch the flash file with drive prefix ie. e:\.....

    When the Carbide.c++ Flash Stub app wizard generates code, it specifies the Flash SWF file to run in the CPP file as something like
    _LIT(KStubFlashContent, "\\Private\\EF4F5C73\\FlashStub.swf");

    In the CPP file generated by Carbide.c++ Flash Stub app Wizard:

    #include <e32std.h> // RProcess::FileName()

    Change KStubFlashContent to include a drive letter and colon:
    // _LIT(KStubFlashContent, "\\Private\\EF4F5C73\\FlashStub.swf");
    _LIT(KStubFlashContent, "C:\\Private\\EF4F5C73\\FlashStub.swf");

    Change CstubApplication::CreateDocumentL() so that it sets the SWF file name at runtime:

    CApaDocument* CstubApplication::CreateDocumentL()
    RProcess currentProcess;
    TFileName fileName( KStubFlashContent );

    // Get letter of drive to which app was installed. It might be E or F instead of C
    fileName[0] = currentProcess.FileName()[0];
    currentProcess.Close(); // Close handle (not the app).

    config.iIsMMI = EFalse;
    config.iIsStubApp = ETrue;
    // config.iContentFileName.Copy( KStubFlashContent );
    config.iContentFileName.Copy( fileName );
    config.iContentChecksum = 0;
    config.iExtensions = NULL;
    config.iReserved1 = NULL;
    config.iReserved2 = 0;
    if (!FlashStubsSupported())
    User::Leave( KErrNotSupported);
    return CreateFlashDocumentL( iFlashLibrary, this, config );

    we had similar issues and fixed them with great help form Ovi Support

    Hope this helps you.

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    Re: Task icon for packaged Flash lite application

    Thanks a lot.... m going to try it.

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