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    Append method in MWL?


    Is there any way to append html node using MWL method? I have tried the same with insertHTML() but it does not work as expected over Device? It works fine in simulator. insertHTML() method takes html node as a normal text only.

    Eg: mwl.insertHTML(‘#container’,”<div id=’content’ class=’show’>Content Placeholder </div>”);

    In above example you can't refer to 'id' and 'class' of that particular Div because here that Div is not an html node.

    I want to avoid round trip server call that’s why I am not using normal JavaScript method to achieve the same.

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    Manzar A.

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    Re: Append method in MWL?


    Not to my knowledge. I don't think that having such a function would actually suit on proxy browsing model, because content shown on device should go trough proxy.


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