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    XML parser and problem with content without CDATA

    Hi, I have built an xml parser and I have a problem. I cannot control the content with which the xml parser works and there are some xml documents that in tags like <content> have html tags elements, for example:

        <b>This is a <a href="http://www.sample.com">sample</a></b>
    This content should be like this:

     <![CDATA[<b>This is a <a href="http://www.sample.com">sample</a></b>]]>
    This way everything works ok, but as I said the problem is that I cannot control the xml documents, so in case there isn't a cdata section the xml parser interprets the html tags as other nodes and I would like to read everything that is in a content node as text.

    Now my c++ code looks like this:

    if(n.nodeName() == "content"){
               qDebug() << "No CDATA";
               strDescription = ??????
               qDebug() << "CDATA";
               strDescription = n.firstChild().nodeValue();
    So, how could I read everything there is in a content tag as text?
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