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    making phone calls using nokia PC suite via bluetooth

    Hey everyone,

    Pls tell me how and where I can find the bluetooth driver software for making phone calls on my PC suite on my nokia C3 via bluetooth..........I can sens and recieve SMS messages but I can't make any calls.

    Pls advise,

    B Rgds,


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    Re: making phone calls using nokia PC suite via bluetooth

    How have you determined that it is a Bluetooth driver issue? Do you assume it is a Bluetooth driver issue on the PC side, the phone, or both?

    Note that PC Suite or the PC Suite APIs probably have no such support (for making phone calls from the PC), even if it may be supported at the Bluetooth level.

    If you need Bluetooth software for the PC, than mimicks a Bluetooth handsfree or carkit, so that the phone doesn't know it is a PC, then talk to your Bluetooth driver developer (Microsoft, WidComm, Toshiba, or whomever made the Bluetooth drivers you have or are trying to use), whether their Bluetooth software can pretend to be a BT handsfree or carkit. If not, then ask the Bluetooth hardware manufacturer for information regarding the Bluetooth chipset used in your PC, and get the Bluetooth specs from the Bluetooth SIG and write your own drivers.

    You could also write a phone-side app that can make the phone call, and then device your own protocol over Bluetooth, where you can ask from the PC your phone-based app (which of course must then be installed on the phone), to make a call. As the C3 is based on Series 40, and you can really only use Java to write phone-based apps, you can't actually then relay the audio of a phone call between the phone and PC with your app. At most, you might be able to have a Java app make the call, but all audio is handled through the phone mic/speaker. For more control over the phone-based app, you need switch to a Symbian based phone model, and use C++.

    Otherwise, stop trying to make a phone call via the PC.

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