The new design looks sleek, positive first impressions about it.

Some of my initial feedback,
- The top right side could use some differentiation between - username, settings Log out. They appear to be a single sentence
- "Contact Us Nokia Archive Top" could use some differentiation of text too
- The font of the header (bread crumbs, title, etc) could be made thicker (bold perhaps)
- Noticed clipping of smileys (on the right on the editor) , particularly when creating a new post
- Search bar text could be increased by one or two px
- Wiki looks bit simplistic with the headers turned simple on the home page
- Blogs could use some bold fonts for username in comments
- Projects section - colors of the "Projects blog" feed could be changed so that the sections gels with other contents of the page. I feel it stands out with black fonts

Thats it for now. Good job!