This is the FAQ question.

I don't know if there is something wrong with my app, but maybe you need to update the answer.

It is not the first time it happens, and I don't know why it happens. I was thinking, that once the app pass all QA tests, it will be show in the store. But with the leatest updates, sometimes the app pass all tests but it will not be uploaded to the store

On Jun 5th 2011 21:11 UTC XXXXX changed Qt file from 'YYYY_installer.sis' to YYYY_installer.sis'.
ZZZZZZ (NS-QA) (Jun 13th 2011 05:29 UTC) Passed QA.

Now I see:

YYYYY (Display: YYYYY)
a Qt Based Application in Ovi Store Latest update on Jun 13th 2011 05:29 UTC
Submitted by XXXXXXXXX

QA Overview
Item: Passed
Files: 1 passed

Item: Not published
Files: 0 / 1 published
It passed all tests, but after 4 days (or 12 days from submitting) it is still not available.

I was always thinking, that once the app pass all tests, the app is automatically show in the store?