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    Question Lightmaps + marker


    I was looking for any kind of example how to put the marker(marker should move when user is panning the map) in the lightmaps.

    I suppose I have to find the correct tile in SlippyMap::render method and then just paint the marker on top. But I can't understand the tile itself...

    1. Each tile has a int x, y converted from latitude/longitude for fetching it from the server.
    2. Passing latitude/longitude to tileForCoordinate would give me QPointF, where x,y is floating point numbers.
    3. So given the example that I have x100, y100 that are going to be fetched from server, and the actual points are x100.6, y100.2. Are these floating point values belong to the x100, y100 tile or not?


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    Re: Lightmaps + marker

    After some hours killed on this issues I found the solution.

    In case you found this post and wondering how-to, I posted detail solution on my blog here http://gcourses.org/qt-lightmaps-map-marker/


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    Re: Lightmaps + marker

    The Lightmap example was added to show off the positioning part of the Location API - some time after that we added a Maps API (with support for map markers etc...).

    The default plugin uses the Ovi maps webservices. Seeing you didn't like the Google maps terms of service you should probably check the terms of service for Ovi maps before using it just to be sure. If that's not an option for you there are also one or two OpenStreetMaps plugins to be found if you google for them.

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