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    How to install a new .pyd PyS60 module simply by copying it?

    A .pyd is a Symbian native Python (PyS60) module. It is a Symbian DLL that follows Python module conventions.
    Therefore I come to ask you this question that I posted also in the Python Discussion Board: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...-by-copying-it .

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to install a new .pyd PyS60 module simply by copying it?

    (I rather answer here because I would not read any follow ups on the Python boards)
    Quote Originally Posted by rcu View Post
    Brief reminder: a .pyd is a Symbian native Python (PyS60) module - it is a Symbian DLL that follows Python module conventions.
    Indeed, that is the key.
    This indicates that there is some sort of registry where a sort of CRC is stored for the installed file kf__camera.pyd.
    Can somebody help me understand what exactly is happening and maybe help me find a solution to simply copy new .pyd Carbide compiled modules in already installed SIS applications on the phone.
    Your conclusion is right, this is exactly what is happening: the device stores some checksum of installed binaries, and verifies it prior to execution. This is how platform security can be enforced.

    There is a way called pre-install, it is almost about copying, but involves an automatic (*) installation step for creating these checksums. You can read about it here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...d_applications, and it also links a more "official" and perhaps more detailed documentation too.
    Minor hint: although it wastes space, for testing you can simply use the complete .sisx file if you like instead of creating this PA stub.

    (*) in case of self-signing the automatic installation will not work, it has to be "approved" manually in the Application Manager.

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    Re: How to install a new .pyd PyS60 module simply by copying it?

    Thank you very much for the info.
    Working with pre-installed applications does not seem to be exactly what I need, neither Upgrading pre-installed applications.

    At http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...d_applications they say: "In addition to the application files, a .sis file created with a PA type must also exist in the \private\10202dce folder on the memory card. This .sis file is also known as a "stub" .sis file since it contains sis controller data but no files."
    So I followed the wiki and your advice with copying the normal SIS (the one that I normally install) containing the new kf__camera.pyd in place of the stub SIS (E:\private\10202dce\e21e55ef_0.sis
    on Symbian^3 or E:\private\10202dce\e21e55ef.sis S60 3rd FP1), to the \private\10202dce folder. But it's not working. If I replace for that application a new kf__camera.pyd (DLL) in E:\sys\bin I receive import error when trying to import in PyS60. I also restarted the phone thinking that Symbian reads once all the SIS stubs at the beginning, but still no use...

    It seems the DLL CRC-like info is stored and read from somewhere else and not from the stub SIS.
    My question is where does Symbian (Symbian installer process) keep this CRC-like info about the DLLs used and if it is possible to update manually this info - please keep in mind also that I install these development edition of my apps on the E: drive of Symbian so I can have full access to it when connecting to a PC via USB.

    Best regards.

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