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Hello there, a_k_o and Welcome to the discussion board!

It always feels good to receive positive vibes so to speak, so it makes me happy to hear you have liked so much of what
we have produced to the markets.

Thank you for addressing us with your concerns and feedback, they will always be highly valued!

Yes, when you became part of Developer Nokia by acquiring your credentials, username and password, you also become fully eglible to access all the developer related documentation, tools, news and discussions. After this you are basically free to choose; what programming language and what tools, what platform and device set of all the supported combinations.

You are correctly issuing questions related to the availability of a device. The developer program that we used to hand out the limited set of devices is already succesfully over.

There might be a possibility to gain a device for you thru the partnership program maybe, but that should be a special case with special requirements.

Please send me a direct e-mail if you are still interested and I will connect you further.

Have a great day and stay active!

I am Launchpad member and Champion ,,Though I was not eligible ,,or the stock is over.