Hi, we met this annoying issue when uploading sisx file to verify account in NEW symbian signed website.

the steps:
1. download sis file from symbian signed website: symbian_signed_account_verification_sis.sis
2. signed this file with publisher id which is generated from .pfx file, command is :
signsis symbian_signed_account_verification_sis.sis verification.sisx company.cer company.key
3. after click "submit sis file", the web site will give an error message "Invalid SIS file"

we checked wiki page again, it says that we should specify account country information, we do specify it already.

who can give help on this? we do need verify account because before the site was renewed, we can have 1000 IMEIs in our dev certificates, but now it only can have 10 IMEIs, it's obvious an issue because we almost have 30 test phones, and test phones are going to up to 40. it's terrible that we sign sis file with different cer/key every 10 phones.

thanks in advance for your help.