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    New Symbian Signed: The Known Issues


    Last evening we went live with the new site. There are some known issues and they are also the most frequently asked questions to us. I'll list some of them here:

    Registering a new account:
    -Please make sure to fill in country information to your account before you verify your account. Also, please make sure to set in the same country that you have in your Publisher ID. Otherwise there may be problems.

    Development Certificates:
    -The IMEIs listed in a .txt file need to be each separated with a comma - even the very last one. So please make sure that your list ends in a comma. Like so:


    Verifying an account:

    The easiest way to be sure there is nothing errouneous with the SIS file you use to verify, please use the one we provide for this purpose at the verification page (the 'SIS' text is a link to a download).

    -You can use a Publisher ID for one account only; you will see an error message if
    Someone has already registered this PubID
    The PubID is no longer valid
    The SIS file you submitted is not signed with a PubID but with a DevCert
    -Once verified, please check that your account has proper country information in it. Country information is read from your publisher ID and can only be changed by a sysadmin.
    -Also, please check that your VAT information is correct (when applicable)

    Then, when something goes wrong with verification using our provided SIS, try this:
    With signsis.exe (ships with the native SDK - must be in your PATH or in the same dir as your .sis) on your command prompt:
    > signsis symbian_signed_account_verification_sis.sis signed.sis yourPublisherID.cer youPublisherID.key 
    You can also use
    > signsis -? 
    to see all the valid options for the signsis tool.
    Then upload the new 'signed.sis' to the account verification page.

    Account transfer from the old site:

    -Multiple accounts have been brought from the old site and merged if they shared the same e-mail address.
    -The new main account is either that e-mail address, or, a pseudo email "<youroldusername>@symbiansigned"
    -your password is the same as with your account on the symbiansigned.com side (in case you had an account on the nokia side as well)
    -If things aren't this peachy and your accounts need to have some further merging you will need to contact us (symbian.signed(at)nokia.com).

    Submitting apps for testing:
    -You should not submit ZIP files (the submission pre-check will fail), just the Publisher ID signed SIS is enough.
    Submitting ZIP files is now possible, using the 'supportive files' option, for sending in a test harness, etc.
    -DON'T submit anything with a '.sisx' extension. It will fail. Please use the correct '.sis' extension.
    This limitation has now been fixed, you can submit sisx -named files again
    Using the '$' sign in your PKG file could be causing problems during signing.
    - Not confirmed yet, verification ongoing.

    Capability Granting:
    -Unfortunately we could not bring your old approved capabilities over to the new system
    -This means that you have to re-apply for the manufacturer capabilities you had before (AllFiles, DRM, TCB)
    -The rest of the capabilities do not have to be applied for and are automatically available, depending on the signing option you have chosen.

    Old waivers:
    -We humbly ask that you would renew your waiver requests also. Previously they were not in the system but now that we have the option to have them in there that is our preferred way to handle them as going forward.

    The old Open Signed Online option is discontinued
    -Instead you can now use online signing with a DevCert, and you will get to list up to 10 test device IMEIs without having to own a Published ID.

    Pre S60 3rd Edition (pre-Platsec) applications
    -The new site no longer supports these applications.
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    Re: New Symbian Signed: The Known Issues

    If your request for an devcert with manufacturer appoved capabilities (AllFiles, DRM and/or TCB) was approved, yet the certificate you download still does not have the capabilities inside, try to update the list of IMEIs (add/remove a device) in order to trigger the certificate update.

    To verify the content of the devcert (IMEIs, capabilities, ...) you can use the DevCertList tool, available in the wiki at Listing IMEIs and Capabilities in a DevCert
    -- Lucian

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