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    Unhappy EchoServlet issue

    I have a strange issue with the APIBridge exemple (EchoServlet) :
    I followed the Nokia Tutorial ( here ) but the EchoTest application always returns
    "Error : 0. The APIBridge returned error:"

    This return is caused by a timeout in EchoTest application (in EchoTest\js\apibridge.js source code) because the EchoServlet never respond.
    After a CEchoServlet debugging session I sow this :
    At the first request, the ecom calls the "CEchoServlet* CEchoServlet::NewL" function but the "void CEchoServlet::ServiceL( MHttpRequest* req )" function is never called...

    Someone can help me please ?
    (I haven't changed the EchoServlet code)

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    Re: EchoServlet issue

    PS : I'm working with the Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v1.0 on APIBridge_20023710.exe simulator.

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