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    Creating a QML installed module

    I want to create a QML module (e.g. Foo 1.0) that I can install and then use in an application by importing it:

    import Foo 1.0
    Stipulating that I can trick Qt Creator into packaging my code correctly for both Symbian^3 and Maemo, where do I install my module? Alternatively, how do I update QML_IMPORT_PATH to include my module?

    On Maemo, I'm inclined to install to /opt/foo/{imports, lib, plugins}.

    I am without a clue about where to put it on Symbian^3.

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    Re: Creating a QML installed module

    QML import paths makes me crazy too. What about embedding your QML files inside a Qt resource file?
    You can create in your resource file a structure like this:

    BTW in general you should put your Foo directory is in the same main.qml dir. (Valid if you are not going to share the Foo component with other QML apps!)

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    Re: Creating a QML installed module

    Putting QML files in a Qt resource file is an interesting idea, gnuton. If I do that, can I install it just once and expect other applications to find it?

    What I'm trying to do is to build applications that use Colibri. I don't want to deliver a complete copy of Colibri with each application. That would be wasteful.

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