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    Update v4.1 is now available for Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition

    If you already have Carbide.ui v4.0 (Symbian) installed, please ensure internet connectivity, and restart the program. After restarting, Carbide.ui will check for updates, and this pop-up should appear.

    Click on the popup to begin the update.

    Here is the full change log:
    1. New plugin for Symbian Anna devices.
    2. Integrated device plugin manager.
    3. Preferences for the favorites tab.
    4. New category to separately arrange third party icons.
    1. State and language variant graphics moved to properties view
    2. Stretch property bug fix
    3. Enhanced “select images” dialog for multi-pc graphics
    4. Improved handling of conflicting UIDs while packaging.
    5. Fresh and new icons in properties view.
    6. Symbian^3 skin compiler change for OVI publisher.
    7. New NFC icons added to Symbian^3 PR 1.0 plug-in.

    If you have any trouble in downloading, or using the new update, please feel free to write to us at Support.UITools@nokia.com .

    Carbide.ui team
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