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    Re: Windows Phone Platform security

    Why should anybody take you seriously if you use names like "M$". Come on, you are not 12.

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    Re: Windows Phone Platform security

    Let me share what I know on this topic
    1. Yes, there is a mechanism but it's not official and not documented. You will not be able to push app with native code into marketplace.
    2. You can be WP7 developer for free using Dreamspark program (for students)
    3. You can submit free apps.
    4. What do you mean by shared code? Assemblies shared between 2 different apps? Only windows phone 7 standard assemblies are shared (GAC), other are private to application.
    5. Not sure what are you talking about. There is a liveid associated with every device and there is also unique device id for every device.
    6. Not sure if non-OEM companies can get that. Right now I know that OEMs and Adobe had exceptions (for adobe reader for example) to access more that ordinary developer.
    7. Internally there is a messagequeue support, but this is not documented/official.
    8. Don't know

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