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    Post Application Crashed

    I developed a Symbian WRT widget for Nokia. Its working fine. But Some time My widget is crashing and closing the application. Don't know why? I'm getting the error "WidgetUi - KERN-EXEC - 3", and some times "Posserver E32User-CBase42". This error I got in Nokia RDA 5800 Xpress Music Device. After the Error Message Application Was closing.

    Below is the .cpp file While creating SIS

    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <e32std.h>
    #include <SWInstApi.h>
    #include <SWInstDefs.h>
    #include <f32file.h>
    #include <aknutils.h>
    #include "WgzInstaller.h"

    static const TSecureId KInstallerSID = 0x101F875A;
    _LIT( KWidgetInstallerDir, "c:\\WgzInstaller\\" );

    //TODO: Use your widget name here
    _LIT( KWidgetInstallerFileName, "mysample.wgz" );

    LOCAL_C TBool isProcessRunning()
    TFullName res;
    TFindProcess find;

    while( find.Next( res ) == KErrNone )
    RProcess ph;
    if (ph.Open( find ) != KErrNone)

    TSecureId secId = ph.SecureId();

    if (secId == KInstallerSID)
    return ETrue;

    return EFalse;

    LOCAL_C TInt getPath( TDes& path ){

    RFs iFileSession;
    TInt err = iFileSession.Connect();
    if (err != KErrNone)
    return err;

    //Read the name of the widget package
    TFileName widgetFileName;



    TFindFile findFile(iFileSession);

    path = findFile.File();

    return KErrNone;

    // Global Variables
    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    // Create cleanup stack
    CTrapCleanup* cleanup = CTrapCleanup::New();

    // get wgz path
    TFileName path;
    getPath( path );

    //wait while process installer doesn't stop running
    while( isProcessRunning() ) {
    User::After( 1000000 ); // put thread to sleep for 1 second

    SwiUI::RSWInstLauncher iLauncher;

    if (iLauncher.Connect() == KErrNone)
    iLauncher.Install( path );

    //Now we can delete the directory with the temp installation files to free up memory
    RFs iFileSession;
    CFileMan* fileMan;
    TRAPD(err, fileMan = CFileMan::NewL(iFileSession));
    delete fileMan;


    delete cleanup;

    return err;

    Can any body help me regarding this issue? Where I'm doing Wrong.
    And also I'm using Platformservices for geolocation and ApiBridge for Camera.


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    Re: Application Crashed

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