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Thread: Qt OVI problems

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    Qt OVI problems


    we heve issues with submiting application to ovi store. We dont understand this issue:

    While processing your content we found your application does not include the latest packages for Qt SDK 1.1. In order for us to continue processing your content, please repackage and submit your application with the following:
    (0x2001E61C), 4, 7, 3, {"Qt"}
    (0x2002AC89), 1, 1, 3, {"QtMobility"}
    (0x200267C2), 4, 7, 3, {“QtWebkit”}
    - What this problems mean, where we can locate this problem?
    - Do we have to mark Qt in .pkg application or wrapper?

    - We use Qt4.6.3, will be configuration below accepted?

    (0x2001E61C), 4, 6, 3, {"Qt"}
    (0x2002AC89), 1, 0, 2, {"QtMobility"}

    Thanks for answers

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    Re: Qt OVI problems

    I'm also interested in a solution.

    qtdependency = "(0x2001E61C), $${QT_MAJOR_VERSION}, $${QT_MINOR_VERSION}, $${QT_PATCH_VERSION}, {\"Qt\"}"
    resulting .pkg:
    (0x2001E61C), 4, 6, 3, {"Qt"}
    ; Default dependency to QtMobility libraries
    (0x2002AC89), 1, 0, 2, {"QtMobility"}
    Would this solve the OVI problem?
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    Re: Qt OVI problems

    That should indeed be acceptable, and it can also be delivered for 3rd ed devices which are not supporting Qt 4.7.

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