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    Unhappy Application to enter "launchpad nokia"


    I write because more than 4 months I made my application to enter the "launchpad Nokia" and I have not received a response, either positive or negative, then I want to know what to do.

    Thank you.


    Cordial saludo,

    Escribo porque hace más de 4 meses que hice mi aplicación para entrar al "launchpad Nokia" y aun no he recibido respuesta, ni negativa ni positiva, entonces me gustaría saber que debo hacer.


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    Re: Application to enter "launchpad nokia"

    That is unfortunate, but "normal". You can find a rather long thread with similar topic nearby: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ets-processed!
    Processing of individual applications (I assume yours belong to this group) has just started a couple weeks ago apparently.

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