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    How cellid is obtained

    I have a nokia phone 3110c and i am wondering how i can obtain my cell id.I am on a gsm network.I heard there was an application that can enable me get the cellid but i want more.How do that app actually do its work,does it scan the incoming port or outgoing port if there is such a thing or how is it done exactly(the technical side of it)?.

    Thank you.

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    Re: How cellid is obtained

    3110 is a Series 40 3rd Edition FP2 device

    That device does not support getting cell id from a MIDlet

    I do not think that kind of program exists for your device.


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    Re: How cellid is obtained

    Hi there,

    I agree with Hartti about the situation for your series device. However, for general interest maybe, here is a wiki article how the cell id can be obtained programmatically.


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