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    Question Removing lines from menus lists etc

    I have tried to change the color of ALL lines I found to background color.
    Where there is a "Display lines" I have removed the "x".
    Still I can't get rid ofthe lines the the menus and lists. How do I do that?

    One more. In the "Notepad" there is no special item for the horizontal lines.
    Is there a way to remove them?

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    Re: Removing lines from menus lists etc


    Have you tried "Draw lines" features under "Scroll bars and Lines" --> "Lines".

    Feature description,
    Lines are used in many places of the user interface such as in slider tracks, view dividers and tables like Calendar. Lines have three types:
    1. Primary lines
    2. Primary dashed lines
    3. Secondary lines
    Each type of line has both horizontal and vertical graphics that show the correct way of how the graphic is scaled. You can edit both the shape and color of the lines. In addition, you can also set the column lines off.

    FYI.. This draw line feature is available in 4.1 version of Carbide.ui Symbian tool.

    Br, Phoneyguy

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