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    telus sim does not work on n 95 8 gb

    I bought N95 8gb from India.the phone is unlocked.Now in Canada Rogers Sim card works in it, but Telus Sim card does not work in it.Can anybody will guide me, why?

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    Re: telus sim does not work on n 95 8 gb

    And what does it do with software development, and especially with "Publishing to Nokia Store"?
    Use the end-user site, http://www.nokia.com/discussions and/or ask Telus customer support.

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    Re: telus sim does not work on n 95 8 gb

    Telus SIM cards will never work in any GSM/WCDMA phone, because Telus does not have a GSM/WCDMA network (no GSM/WCDMA phone is compatible with the Telus network). Rogers SIM cards work, because Rogers has a GSM network.

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