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    Contacts not visible in symbian^3

    Hi to all
    i have successfully developed application in s60 5th edition to add contacts into database.
    its working good.

    now when i use same application into Symbian ^3 then everything works fine except contacts visible.
    when i check my contact book only one my card is visible. Group will also add fine.when i restart device then all my contacts added by application will shown in device contact book.

    E.g i have added 5 new contacts by application then only one will shown in contact as my card and rest of 4 will be invisible. after restart all rest 4 will shown in contact book as well as in associates groups.

    can any one tell me whats wrong?
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Contacts not visible in symbian^3

    No one can give any suggestions.

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    Re: Contacts not visible in symbian^3

    I wonder what you expect in 28 minutes...
    Anyway, you can check the Symbian^3 contact-related examples (Contacts and perhaps ContactsModel), if they have the same problem or not.

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    Re: Contacts not visible in symbian^3

    Thanks for your reply.
    I got my mistake.
    i was setting all contacts one by one as a Own card after adding to database.

    this was the line

    after removed all contacts showing good.

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