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    simulator does not load when Web preview app is clicked

    When I have news app open (demo) and right click Web preview app, nothing happens. I installed Visual C++ Redistributable and it still did nothing. I can open the index.html of the folder using File / Open but no server or simulator is opened with Web app preview.

    This makes me think Nokia is always useless with software engineering.

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    Re: simulator does not load when Web preview app is clicked

    Hi there wwwwalker,

    I just tried creating a new news app and right clicked and selected the preview app just as you did, and it was showing me alright.

    The only thing is that I first had to "Unblock" the Web Tools to have network access (Windows XP request), but then the app opened ok.

    This is what I had displayed on my Web Runtime Console:

    Packaging Successful

    Uploading mynews to preview server...
    Upload successful - 29 June 2011 09:17 AM
    URL: http://dev-cloud1.browser.ovi.com/de...type=webapp1_0

    Launching mynews in Simulator

    What was your log showing when it did not open and display the app as should?

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