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I have no doubt about this a few days ago. As was the case with the Calling All Innovators 10M contest, I was sure that the deadline was for submitting the app to QA and to the contest before the deadline, but I got an e-mail today that reads:

"If you have a new mobile app for Nokia Series 40 phones – or if you are updating an existing app – that will be published to Nokia Store in time..."

So, could someone from Nokia clarify if applications need to be publicly available in Ovi Store before the deadline in order to be eligible to participate ?
Dear cadlg,

This is Ajla again and I am contacting you to provide you clarification
regarding the deadline of submission for the Create 4 Millions contest.

Please note that the application has to be submitted to Nokia Publish by
November 1st (i.e. it needs to be in QA and have a valid content ID). Please
note that in order for the application to qualify for the contest, the
application has to pass QA.

Therefore, I would highly recommend that you submit a build to Nokia Publish as
soon as possible to ensure that you have not missed any QA test cases.

I hope that I have fully addressed your inquiry. If you have any other
questions, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

Best Regards,

Nokia Publish Support

If that is the case, then all of us who are still working on the final details before submitting our apps, are already out, which would be very bad since this was never clearly stated, and one would expect that, unless otherwise stated, things would be similar from one contest to another.

Can we get an official answer for this, please ?
See http://www.developer.nokia.com/create4millions/. It says there at the end. Matters are as clear as they can get; if you have all three of them, do submit them by Nov 1st 23:59 GMT and you are on

You must provide the following when you enter the contest:

Valid contact details
The content item URL from Nokia’s Ovi Store.
A short demo video to showcase your app