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    N95 win7 64bit/vista 32bit runtime & pips library missing problem (and various other


    I'm obviously new to Nokia development and have 2 major issues.

    1 - No combination of versions of Python & PYS60 produces the "install" menu to transfer the created SIS file to the mobile device. The furthest I have gotten is the "Create" Menu after which nothing happens.
    The above is true for both the win7 64bit PC's I have. I have tried Python 2.0.0 down to Python 2.5.4 in combination of various of PYS60 versions, specially 1.9.6 and 1.9.7

    2 - On a Vista 32bit laptop I managed to get as far as creating/transfering the sample "helloworld" SIS file to the N95 (and N70) but no matter what I do I always get the missing runtime and PIPS messages.

    Can someone kindly tell me what version combinations of Python and PYS60 are needed for N95 for the case of a win7 64bit and a Vista 32bit.

    Best Regards

    No response yet anyone ? This can't be so difficult to answer.
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    Re: N95 win7 64bit/vista 32bit runtime & pips library missing problem (and various ot

    Ok, While waiting for anyone to answer I actually managed to solve both issues. Here are the solutions so that no one else will have to wait endlessly as I have done without getting an answer.

    Concerning the missing libraries messages the issue turned out to be that the phone needs an internet access. All that's needed is a sim card and wireless access point close by. This might
    seem intuitive but when running a single helloworld program beginners wouldn't think that Internet access is needed. The access appears to to be to check for a license even tho it carries on
    happily when it finds none. Anyway, make sure you have a sim card and network access before running any pys60 programs.

    Now on to the win7 64 bit issue. The only combination that worked was Python 2.5.4 and PYS60 1.9.6. This isn't all tho, Python needs to be the 64bitamd version. In addition, I chose the option
    install only for THIS user (not all users). One final important issue is make sure you give the pythonfors60 folder (in program files (x86)) FULL control. You do so by using the security tab in the properties menu for that

    I hope this will help anyone else with the same problem.

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