My Mobile Details:

Device Info:
Model E6-00
Product RM-609

OS : S60 5.1 (Symbian ^3)
Symbian Symbian^3
Firmware 021.014
OS 5.2 ; QT 4.7.3 ; QT Mobility 1.0.2

Messaging : (SMS)
* You cannot save the sortby settings . Only for the instance view you can sort the message by date,sender. once you go out of the inbox and come back again , by default its sorted only by date

Profiles :
* Themes settings are not included in profile. You cannot have unique themes for each profile. Themes settings applied to the phone. So the feature we had in ordinary nokia basic phones where , if we change our user profile , the theme which we selected for the particular profile will be applied is not available in this high end business phone. Need Development

Music (Music Player):
* You cannot set the customer equaliser, only 5 preset are available bass booster, classical , jazz, pop, rock, default preset.
* In playlist sorting feature is not available. Moving the songs becomes difficult by using move by option. if there is drag & move feature , it will be good.
* You cannot move to the Next song on the go. You need to open your phone , use widgets to skip the song. If the mobile volume control (up/down key) long press helps us to move next song it will be good. Need modification in the firmware.

Videos :

* Moving to the Next video is not possible with the video player, only fast forward works. Next option is not available. You need to go back and select next song

Mails :

* Only 250 mails you can store on your inbox , Size limitations matters


* Task Manager application , is not available . To look at your phone memory utilization , Network bandwidth, RAM Memory etc...

About (i) under phone management :

* It doesn't even shows your mobile model , IMEI no , IMSI etc... Memory used Phone memory, mass storage, Memory card memory status. It Gives only Info about Nokia Corporation , Which is of No use.

I Hope this features will be included in next software update. As its the New Version of Anna OS. Waiting for someone to look at this post and reply.

Any additional info needed , feel free to contact me.

Thanks & Regards,
Raja Gopalan S
McAfee Tier 2.5 Engineer
WW Consumer Support , McAfee Inc.