What is the status of this API on Symbian 3? If I understand correctly it was originally not part of public SDK, but I found all the header and lib available on Symbian 3 SDK. However, when I was trying to use it on N8 following this example
I'm having a lot of issues.

I'm using memory as the source of recording and been having the following problems:

1. According to the spec published in http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic..._codecs_v1.txt
there are several s/w codecs (not accelerated) with input format support i.e. mp4v-es, h264 and h263, but only h263 is accepted, others return KErrNotSupported.

2. MdvroNewBuffers only get called once during encoding although my app issuing multiple calls of WritePictureL. Under debugger I can see my app is issuing WritePictureL and receiving MdvroReturnPicture multiple times but never get MdvroNewBuffers call after the first frame .

I've searched this forum and found similar question but there was no answer.
Any helps would be much appreciated.