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    i'm a dealer, where to find good certs?

    hi, i'm a dealer of software for symbian's-
    usually i take my certs from OPDA, but they seem stopped activity.
    now my businness is over!
    where i can find good certs for signing my apps?
    I will pay fot them!
    please help me!

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    Re: i'm a dealer, where to find good certs?

    Others stop their activity, too, when law enforcement closes down illegal businesses.

    If you are a legitimate developer/publisher, get them from where you should be getting them: https://www.symbiansigned.com/signedui/welcome

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    Re: i'm a dealer, where to find good certs?

    Indeed, although I'm not sure what a "dealer" is in the Symbian apps ecosystem, but it should not matter at all. The only entity that should concern itself with signing applications is the developer of the application itself, or application't publisher (if not the same). You are free to "deal" with the already signed applications if you can do a better job at selling them than the Ovi Store does.
    -- Lucian

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