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    Confused about the file structure of Carbide.c++

    Hello sir,
    sir i am new to symbian programing, i have some experience to c++,
    sir i want to When we create a new project there are 4-5 cpp files and same as .h files, from where we will start. why all files have their own .h files.

    can anybody please explain the function of each file present in separate folders, and also please define the flow of program means from where we can start coding. possible please create a simple example and explain each step..

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    Re: Confused about the file structure of Carbide.c++

    It is an usual approach in object oriented programming that classes are separated from each other on the file level. In C++ it is optional (you can dump everything into a single file if you really want), however for example in Java it is mandatory.

    #7 of http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...55-help-me-out contains a code where there is a single .cpp file, but you will see that it does not make things easier.
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