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    Failed to create new project

    Hi sorry if i am in wrong section.
    I have problems for creating new project at nokia.developer.com...i fill all the form but when i submit on top appear me this error:
    Creating project failed. Try again later.
    Is more than 2 weeks that i wasn't able to create

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    Re: Failed to create new project

    Works for me

    Could have been a temporary problem, but if you have repeatedly tried and failed, then that is out of the question.
    Did you enter valid information in all the form fields?
    It could have something to do with your user account as well (maybe some incorrect setting/configuration which needs to be fixed...)


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    Re: Failed to create new project

    now works

    bah...i've tried for two weeks and now works

    EDIT maybe because i insert ' in the name (Let's MeeGo)

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