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    Can I set the application icon as a png format icon?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a problem and need yours help.I know that the application icon is svg format.And I also know how to use mbm format icon to replace default icon.But now I'd like to change default icon to a png format icon.Is there anyway to slove this question.Wating for some kind man's help.Thank you!

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    Re: Can I set the application icon as a png format icon?

    Besides .mif (Multi-Image File), Symbian has an older, bitmap-based file format too, .mbm (Multi-Bitmap File). The icon editor of Carbide.c++ supports both as I remember, however you may have to convert the .png file to one or two .bmp files (if there is a transparency mask, that would be the second .bmp file).
    EDIT: You can check Tam's blog entry: http://tamss60.tamoggemon.com/2009/0...r-s60-symbian/

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