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Thread: Cell-id for S40

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    Cell-id for S40


    After reading:


    S40 devices return cell-id by property "Cell-ID" BUT
    it works only for signed midlet by Nokia or operator.

    As I know Nokia signs each Midlet before put it in Ovi Store.
    It means that apk. will have access to this property after signing by Nokia ?

    I would like to create application for S40 devices which uses cell-id to
    track some objects on the map.

    Of course theres is API Location (Jsr-179) but probably none S40 device
    has GPS on the board. It needs to be supported by external device.


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    Re: Cell-id for S40

    Hi, your question is moved here now, and also made a copy of it in the Publishing board (http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ell-id-for-S40)

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    Re: Cell-id for S40

    Nokia will sign it for Ovi Store, but not as manufacturer signed. The manufacturer signing is reseved for Nokia's own applications that Nokia decides to distribute or include in device firmware or a memory card.

    In other words, Ovi Store signing will not enable manufacturer features for your MIDlet.

    P.S. Some Series 40 devices do have GPS.

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