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    Qt Mobility 1.2 and NFC issues


    I'm currently developping for a C7 phone with NFC enabled.
    I'm using Qt, and Mobility. As Qt Mobility 1.1 can't use NFC, i've been waiting for the 1.2 version.
    Well, it's out.
    I spend two days trying to compile it, and failed.
    I thought I could probably find some version of QtMobility 1.2 already compiled by someone else on internet, but couldn't.
    Then I found a 1.2 beta version, with NFC enabled, already compiled.
    I installed the .sis, then made a really simple app.

    This app successfully reads NFC NDEF tags, I can access tags content and such, all thanks to the function
    targetDetected(const QNdefMessage &message, QNearFieldTarget *target)
    But there is one BIG issue : the QNearFieldTarget is a null QObject. Therefore, I can't write the tag !
    I tried with several tag, with different technologies, with the same result.

    Obviously, there are several issues here :
    • It might be the beta version of mobility
    • I might do stuff wrong

    But then again, where can I find a final version of mobility for symbian, already compiled ('cause, seriously, I can't do it myself) ? Or what could I do wrong ?
    Thanks in advance, everyone.

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    Re: Qt Mobility 1.2 and NFC issues

    hello christophe.pecquerie

    can you which NFC class are you using i checked QNearFieldManager and it has a signal void targetDetected ( QNearFieldTarget * target ).

    Which is different from the signal you have mentioned.

    To Write back to NFC tag you can save the target which you get in the above mentioned signal and using that you can write back.

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