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    About Max Jar Size

    I know the max jar size can't exceed 64 K, but it's there anyway or trick that can exceed the size above 64 K?..such
    as upgrade nokia's firmware??

    nowaday, 64 K memory can't longer satisfy users and developer...


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    If you are using Nokia series 60 phones, actrually there isn't any limitation for the Jar size but the total free memory. You can deploy, for example, a 100k MIDlet if the phone still has enough memory.

    Yes, in series 40 phones the maximum Jar size is 64K. As far as I know there isn't any way to break this limitation now. There are several reasons to keep the Jar size as small as possible:

    1. The MIDlet suite downloads faster.

    2. Many WAP gateways are typically confiured for small WAP pages and may not support large files.

    3. Mass-market MIDP phones may have a very limited amount of storage space for MIDlet Jar files.

    And there are some ways to reduce the Jar size:

    1. Using an Obfuscator.

    2. If you use libraries, consider whether you need all the classes in libraries or not.

    3. Keep resources small, for example combine many images into one png file.

    The more detailed instructions can be refered to Efficient MIDP Programming in Fourm Nokia Java section.

    - Kui

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    You can download the document here:

    Efficient MIDP Programming (PDF, new window)

    The BBS software automatically makes it open in a new window. My advice is to right-click on the link and save the document locally.


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