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    Exclamation Error: undefined reference to `E32Main()'

    Dear All,

    I am newbie to Symbian platform. Currently, I am developing a 3D game on Symbian^3. I got errors like below in my project:


    1310532235391 \Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9\EPOC32\BUILD\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9\examples\symbian\gui\openglex\Texture_NORM\group\TEXTURE\GCCE\urel\texture.exe: hidden symbol `_Z7E32Mainv' isn't defined openglex line 0 C/C++ Problem

    1310532235390 undefined reference to `E32Main()' openglex line 0 C/C++ Problem

    1310532235392 final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output openglex line 0 C/C++ Problem

    It came when I "clean" & build my existing project on Carbide C++. After that I deleted the project from workspace and imported some other project. But every time I am getting the same exception again and again when I build my project.

    Please help me regarding this. Thanks in advance.

    Atul Prakash Singh

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    Re: Error: undefined reference to `E32Main()'

    I can not see "Texture_NORM", but I have the 1.0 SDK here. E32Main is at the end of TextureApp.cpp.

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