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    Unhappy Massive problem running QT creator :(

    Hi lads

    I'm on Windows XP pro 64 bit, and I tried to install the Qt SDK w. Qt Creator.

    Here is my problem: Something in my system is making mouseclicks apparently not get properly to Qt cretor. In retrospect I realize this problem also happened in the installation phase (guessing the Qt installer is in itself built in Qt?) because I even had problems clicking buttons in the installer!

    I have dual displays on an NVidia quadro board, one 1280x1024, one 1650x1050. The app behaves differently depending on which screen I put it on. Sometimes, things that I can click when on the smaller screen refuse taking clicks on the large screens and vice versa.

    Basically, it's a 50/50 crapshoot which buttons work on which display.

    Any ideas if Qt has some inherent massive flaw on multi-display systems?

    Generally, I am getting nowhere fast and can't even buld/test the simple Qt Quick "hello world" test, because I can't even hit buttons in Qt Creator.

    I suspected a few mouse-related tools at first:
    - my wacom tablet driver
    - KatMouse plugin (scrolls hovered-over windows)
    - Synergy mouse/kbd sharing

    But I turned off both Synergy and KatMouse (can't turn off the driver or I get no mouse at all) and nothing helps.

    If anybody has any idea, clue, link, or anything, I'd be very appreciative for any help.

    NO other software has these "hit and miss with the mouse" issues except Qt creator, and the Qt SDK installer. *every* other piece of software works fantastically and has never missed a mouseclick.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Massive problem running QT creator :(

    Sorry, I do not have a good answer for you, but I would suggest that you ask this on a relevant Qt mailing list (http://lists.qt.nokia.com/mailman/listinfo) they seem to be quite active.

    Also, have you checked the general Qt bug tracker, if there are any similar bugs reported?


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    Re: Massive problem running QT creator :(

    I have similar problems with my old wacom intuos 2 & puck mouse.

    all the buttons are unresponsive to mouseclicks and other UI items randomly respond and randomly don't respond...

    it is the same with qt creator and ovi suite...

    e: I just signed to bugtracker and found at least 5 similar bug reports from the issue


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