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    Question Can't find right UID for "Tools" folder and "Social" app on N8 :-(

    Have one problem with designing an Anna theme:

    Can't change the icons for "Tools" and "Social".

    I change them in carbide.ui (to Anna style) but they don't chang on the phone.
    So it seems the UIDs are different and I can't find the right ones :-(

    Any ID of what are the right UIDs for the folder "Tools" and the "Social" app on the N8?

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    Re: Can't find right UID for "Tools" folder and "Social" app on N8 :-(


    You can try below IDs for "Tool" and "Social" icons in Anna theme.

    From Anna Plug-in,
    For Tool, qgn_menu_group_tools
    For Social, qgn_menu_social_networks
    In case above social id does not work, try with "0x2002f954" application UID using third party icon.

    Br, Phoneyguy

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    Re: Can't find right UID for "Tools" folder and "Social" app on N8 :-(

    i have same problem that "tool" icon is always the default one. even changing qgn_menu_group_tools does not help.
    i have two C7 and for both ALL themes i can install , they never change the "tool" icon.

    is there a uid for "tools" ?

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