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    Windows Phone Marketplace FAQ

    Hi all,

    I have windows phone 7 application developer, I am developing application WP7 using HTC HD7 device but deploy only emulator not in device when deploy in device then saying (Developer phone registration required) and also not support Indian registration.
    Even device using Microsoft live id in India and open HTC HUB or Microsoft Marketplace HUB it is showing error message your region country not support,
    When registered (united state, New York) then using HTC HUB or Microsoft Marketplace HUB but not my application not deploy.
    Windows Phone unlock a device chargeable 99$/year below link details.
    3 devices unblocks
    10 apps per device
    General discussion, as a same sensation fallow in windows phone 7 NOKIA devices.

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    Re: Windows Phone Marketplace FAQ


    First of all you must be a paid member. Get a membership here

    And you can only register/unlock your phone after you've paid for the membership, and passed GeoTrust Identity Verification.

    If you're a student, you can get the membership for free (see dreamspark.com), but you'll still need to pass GeoTrust Indentity verification in order to register the phone (note: in order to trigger the GeoTrust verification for student accounts, you need to submit a bogus app).

    Hope it helps
    Pavan Pareta
    Sr. Software Engineer

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