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    Unhappy Unable to change icon for "Tools" and "Social" - anyone have the right UIDs?

    Have one problem... Can't change the icons for "Tools" and "Social".

    I change them in carbide.ui (to Anna style) but they don't chang on the phone.
    So it seems the UIDs are different and I can't find the right ones :-(

    Any ID of what are the right UIDs for the folder "Tools" and the "Social" app on the N8?

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    Re: Unable to change icon for "Tools" and "Social" - anyone have the right UIDs?

    Hi Lars, it seems that, as long as Nokia doesn't make a strict policy using constant UIDs for apps or system folder in its Symbian variants,
    then it always be a problems for us, the theme maker.
    Sorry, but I've found that hacking the phone, and get the UID itself was the best way to find the UIDs, esp. for the System Folder (e.g. "Tools").
    On the other hand, apps UID could easily be found using some apps like Y-Task.
    you could google it for the symbian hack apps...

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