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    Question carbide ui not steady issue

    is carbide ui have not steady issue?
    when we want to export a theme, then the packaging progress will losing some button, icon.
    is this is normal issue of carbide UI?
    now i run with the newest version, i found this issue on 4.1 and 4.0 and former version as well.

    this really waste time.

    or is my pc's setup hardware, such as ram memory or cpu reason result this?

    how to avoid this?

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    Re: carbide ui not steady issue

    Hi, i'm facing same problems too..its kinda annoying
    i think there are some bugs on the packaging process, and restarting carbide.ui sometimes fixed it.
    Wondering, does anyone know the carbide.ui bug submit place here?
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    Re: carbide ui not steady issue

    me too!

    can any other developers also meet this problem?

    can someone from carbide ui team reply on this

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