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    help, about symbian signed status , "Confirmed " what's meaning of this status?

    what can i do?


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    The Express signed status is always "Confirmed"

    Hi, I signed app for Express signed and have succeeded for several apps. but today after clicking "Complete Signing", the status "Confirmed" has been going on for several hours. Why?

    Please help me, thank you.

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    Re: The Express signed status is always "Confirmed"

    We have exactly the same status on 2 of our apps.

    The apps have been submitted for 'Signing' - via Express Signing.
    The status is, has been and remains 'Confirmed' - whatever that may mean.
    We have enough Contents Ids, paid for.
    After submitting the Content Ids were decremented - so we have been charged for this.

    Other apps submitted at nearly the same time have been signed and made available for download.

    Please can someone from Nokia/Symbian Signed please resolve this and let us know what is happening as we need to get the apps released ?

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    Re: The Express signed status is always "Confirmed"

    By the way, how to cancel the status "Confirmed"

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