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    Libraries for j2me

    I am using eclipseME.
    I am writing a J2ME Midlet which requires me to use some shared classes packaged within a jar file. I have added the JAR in the the build path of the Midlet. Also i have selected the jar file in "Order and export" tab under Java Build Path in project properties.
    I am facing NO compilation problems, but when i try to run it on emulator it throws No class def found error.

    Can anybody please tell me if i have missed anything??

    Also, i am not really sure how to create and package J2ME classes within a JAR File so that they can be imported into other Midlets and also deployed along with them to the device. (I might have gone wrong in here).

    Please Help

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    Re: Libraries for j2me

    Have you tried adding the classes from the JAR directly in to your MIDlet JAR? (instead of adding the JAR in your MIDlet JAR)? And make sure that the files are included in the MIDlet JAR (open the JAR with a ZIP reader - it is a zip file after all..)


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    Re: Libraries for j2me

    hi hartti,
    I am actually planning to create a library so that it can be used across different midlets (similar to kxml!)
    I figured out the problem. The problem was with the eclipse ME 1.7.9 (see http://www.mail-archive.com/eclipsem.../msg01253.html). I tried using NetBeans and now i could see the contents of the my jar (class files) in the midlet's jar.


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