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Thread: Timer ro GPS

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    Timer ro GPS

    hello ,
    iam beginner in symbian , want to ask about how can get GPS every specific time , iam try to do this (important code from class only)

    this to get GPS

    TBool CGpsPositionRequest::GetCurrentPostionL(TReal& aLatitude, TReal& aLongitude)
    // cancel previous request (just in case)
    // request current location
    iPositioner.NotifyPositionUpdate(iPositionInfo, iStatus);
    // start wait note and wait for request end
    // ShowWaitNoteL();
    // process result
    if (iError == KErrNone)
    // success, return given position
    TPosition pos;
    aLatitude = pos.Latitude();
    aLongitude = pos.Longitude();
    return ETrue;
    // fail
    return EFalse;


    and this function to wait 2 hour

    void ControlPos::WaitThisTime()
    RTimer iTimer;
    TRequestStatus iSocketStatus;
    TRequestStatus iTimeOut;
    TTime CurrentLocalTime;
    TTime tt;
    TTimeIntervalHours hour=2;
    User::WaitForRequest(iSocketStatus, iTimeOut);
    question here if i use while loop to get GPS every 2 hour will work good without stop another task which application do it until this time end or what can i do to solve this prb ?

    while ()
    //call WaitThisTime()
    //call GetCurrentPostionL(TReal& aLatitude, TReal& aLongitude)

    thnx for reply

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    Re: Timer ro GPS

    did you actually tried this method, cause if you use while() loop it will keep on calling WaitThisTime() and will keep on increasing the time here iTimer.At(iTimeOut,tt);, i am curious to know the timer will expire. please correct me if I am wrong.
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