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    Actual Wallpaper sizes

    Hi there,

    Nokia Phone Messaging Characteristics v1.3 PDF document states that series 40 handsets have a wallpaper size of 128x128.

    However when I'm using NMIT 4.0 and the 7210 sdk to download 128x128 wallpapers over wap they are visibly scaled down in the preview. I don't have a handset myself to actually try them for real...

    Is this a problem with the toolkit and do the images work fine on an actual handset? Should the wallpapers actually be smaller than 128x128 so they don't scale down? Is the preview scaled while a saved and displayed wallpaper would work fine? Is the information in the above document incorrect?

    I've just saved out a load of logos at 96x65, 128x128 and 174x132 to cover series 30, 40 and 60... I'm going to cry if I have to do them all again at different sizes!!!

    you can try downloading some 128x128 wallpapers from my site at:


    you can see the original 128x128 gif before downloading the wallpaper.

    any help would be appreciated (even if its not what I want to hear!!!)

    thanks in advance


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    in Nokia 7210 even if the preview of the wallpaper after download is shown as scaled the actual wallpaper is shown in 128x128 when you save it and choose 'Set as wallpaper'.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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