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    Phonon on Symbian not working[N8]


    When i try to play mp3 using phonon APIs, it is working on Desktop and Emulator.

    But the App is not playing it in an N8 device.

    I get the following error:
    ERROR: "Opening clip failed: Not supported"

    Any pointers? Pls help


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    Re: Phonon on Symbian not working[N8]

    Quick question, what have you added to your .pro file?

    I am using the SoundEffect module for mp3 files, not Phonon, but I had the opposite problem: the mp3s will play on the N8 but not in the Emulator. To make the Audio and SoundEffect modules work on the N8, I had to add to my .pro file:

    CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY += multimedia

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