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    Windows 7 phone emulator

    Hi all.

    I'm looking for some kind of Windows Phone 7 emulator (prererably one that plugs into my Firefox 5.0 browser) which I can use to test how changes look in my two websites (www.fotografoversigt.dk and www.onlineeffekt.dk).

    Especially on the first site which is about Photography, i have had quite a few complaints from both Android and Windows Phone 7 users about distorted pictures - and is has been quite a nightmare for me to fix it since I only have my laptop and a Nokia N8, so I have been forced to ask the users to retest all the time.

    Is there a simple and cheap Windows Phone 7 Emulator available? - I will probably need a link to a quick reference guide along with it since i'm not really a developer (my sites are made in wordpress)

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